Security Lighting Provides Safety & Piece of Mind

Having good outdoor security lighting is a critical element in providing effective security at your home or business. A well-lit landscape and yard presents a feeling of care and involvement. When people view your well-lit yard, they often interpret your property as cared-for and well maintained. Effectively designed & Installed security lighting can

  • Discourage Trespassing and Theft
  • Help Easily Identify Suspicious Behavior
  • Have Your Guests Feel Safer and More Secure
  • Allow You To Safety Move About Your Property
  • Protect Your Valuables
  • Scare Away Animals

5 Basic Security Lighting Considerations

There are a few fundamentals of design that are important for every security lighting installation. Properly implementing these 5 fundamentals will insure your building & surrounding property is well lit

  • Intensity of the lighting: how bright is the light?
  • Uniformity of lighting: how consistent is the light level from place to place throughout the lighted area?
  • Color of lighting: how accurately does the lighting render colors?
  • Efficiency of lighting: how much light per watt of electricity does the lighting system deliver?
  • Lamp life: How long do lamps last before they must be replaced?

Other Security Lighting Tips

Consider installing lights with motion detectors so they illuminate when motion activates them. A dark yard can be splashed with bright lights when someone walks through your yard – this can be helpful for family and friends to keep people safe and also deter trespassing and even animals on your property.

Landscaping can have a significant effect on security lighting. Often times, a well-designed lighting system becomes ineffective as trees grow to a point where they block out large portions of the light. Arrange to have trees and landscaping regularly trimmed so that the lighting system is not adversely effected.

Security lighting fixtures should be made of quality materials that can stand up to the SWFL climate. Lamps tend to produce less light as they age. Replace lamps at scheduled intervals – not just when they burn out. Dirty light fixtures also produce less light. Arrange to have fixtures cleaned both inside and outside on a regular basis.

Many cities and towns have enacted ordinances concerning “light pollution”. These ordinances often set limits on the amount and type of light that can be used for outdoor parking lot lighting. Be sure to consult the authorities having jurisdiction in your area before making any changes in your lighting system.

Why Call Coastal Outdoor Lighting

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