There’s no question that outdoor lighting can add to the beauty of your landscape and even transform it. Having outdoor lighting, however, is also functional: It improves your safety and security. Here are four reasons why it’s a good idea to add functional outdoor lighting to your home.

1. Adds Safety and Security
A dark property creates a number of safety risks for you, your family, and visitors. Unseen steps, elevation changes, and low hanging branches could be hazardous. Installing landscape lighting also illuminates areas such as garages, entryways, sidewalks, and driveways. By positioning landscape lighting in the correct positions, you’ll showcase any potentially dangerous areas and increase safety and peace of mind. Motion lighting has also been shown to deter crime at night.

2. Creates Functional Serenity
Most outdoor areas become unusable after dark, limiting outside enjoyment. When the sun goes down, you can still enjoy the outdoors with lights that accentuate the areas that need it and create the mood you are hoping for. Outdoor lighting could bring your lawn to life — or it could be more subtle. Installing lighting will transform your space into the perfect gathering place or create an oasis in which you can relax after a long day. By adding lights to your back patio, deck or front lawn, you’ll be able to take full advantage of these spaces in the warm and breezy Florida climate.

3. Increases Property Value & Lowers Insurance Rates
A home with proper landscape lighting appears more welcoming to visitors. So it is no surprise that landscape and entryway lighting increases home values. Lighting presents a huge advantage when it comes to homes on the market. Think curb appeal: First impressions for a homebuyer are everything. In addition to the worth of your home, adding security lighting can reduce your home insurance rates. Outdoor security lighting has been shown to reduce break-ins, and for that reason, many insurance companies have discounts and deductions for outdoor lighting on home properties.

4. Accentuates Your Landscape
Have you spent hours fixing up your lawn and garden? Why allow all the hard work to go unnoticed during the night? Show off that meticulously snipped bougainvillea or those perfectly trimmed hedges. You can highlight the best features of your outdoor space at all hours of the day with landscape lighting. Most outdoor lighting companies will handle the design and installation. Lighting professionals at Coastal Outdoor Lighting can design a plan for the ideal placement of lights to emphasize certain aspects of your house or landscaping. Focus on certain trees (maybe you have a beautiful royal palm!) or water features and divert the eye away from areas you’d rather not showcase with professional landscape lighting placement. There is an art to landscape lighting, and our experts can create your yard sanctuary.

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