During the summertime in Southwest Florida, your lanai becomes an extension of your living room. This is why Coastal Outdoor Lighting will creatively use lanai lighting to extend the enjoyment of your lanai well into the night. We want to discuss five lighting techniques to utilize in your lanai.

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Eclipse Mundane: Go for Moonlighting

Downlighting, which is often referred to as moonlighting, is a lighting effect created by placing a lighting fixture in an elevated location where it can cast a subtle light over the ground or objects below. The lighting replicates the illumination you would receive by moonlight, hence the name “moonlighting”. When used in a lanai, these light fixtures are best in corners. By using wide beam angles and low wattage lamps, the lighting remains subtle.

Let String Lights Demonstrate Your Creativity

String lights, also called bistro lights, are an effective lanai lighting technique for creating a festive and fun atmosphere on your lanai. String lights create beautiful ambient light overhead while also providing a highly functional light source. These party lights set a festive mood for any occasion and when installed professionally, high-quality string lights can withstand Southwest Florida weather conditions all year round for a festive mood every night.

Showcase Your Outdoor Kitchen

Do you have an outdoor kitchen on your lanai that you love to show off? Do you want to keep showing it off even as the sun goes down? Showcasing your outdoor kitchen is a lot easier with outdoor lighting! Under-counter lighting is an excellent way to highlight focal points in your outdoor lanai kitchen while also adding functional lighting for preparing food and cooking.

Create an Ambiance with Ambient Lights

Using soft indirect lighting can make a statement in your backyard and on your lanai. Ambient lighting is created by illuminating the trees, plants, landscape features, and other things on your property to create soft lighting levels around your property. By utilizing ambient lighting you light the features around your lanai to transform a scary and dark place into a fun and safe space while also highlighting architectural features.

See The Effect Not the Source with Undercap Lights

Undercap lighting is designed to be hidden and cast downward. They are usually installed under a cap at the top of a retaining wall to allow light to shine down. Undercap lights can also illuminate underneath steps for a safer walkway or create shine onto a lanai seating area.

Being able to enjoy your lanai and outdoor area is one of the benefits of living in Southwest Florida. Lanais are one of the best places to spend your summer and with lanai lighting, you can add beauty, functionality, and visibility for all hours of the day. At Coastal Outdoor Lighting, we only use quality lanai lights manufactured by top-rated companies. Call Coastal Outdoor Lighting today to discuss installing lighting on your lanai!