Have you been flocking to your patio and back yard more than ever in quarantine? Ah, the fresh air, the change of scenery, and a little extra space! It’s still hard not to feel a little stir-crazy. Why not brighten your spirits – and your yard – with outdoor lighting?

Landscape lighting can affect your mood. Whether you are hoping to create a serene space with a rustic feel, highlight your favorite flowers and trees (you may be gardening more, too), or want everything to glow, outdoor lighting can be transformational. 

Here are a few ways Coastal Outdoor Lighting can make your extra time at home more enjoyable!

  1. String Lights

String lights are low-voltage accent lights that can illuminate your landscaping and backyard in a quick and aesthetic pleasing way. They can be wrapped around trees, placed over bushes, or hung across your backyard with branches or eaves. String lights can brighten up your lanai for a relaxing night or brighten up your yard for some family time.

  1. Path Lighting

While path lighting is used to help you safely navigate the main walkways, it can also highlight gardens and allow you to have an evening walk through your backyard. There are three different types of pathway lights to consider: step lighting, spread lighting, and lamp posts. Spread lights illuminate a broader area than step lights and are also commonly used in garden beds.

  1. Wall Lighting

Wall lighting can be mounted on any vertical surface, such as the interior of a pergola. Wall lanterns are a great example of wall lighting, as they will provide beauty and sophistication to your outdoor space while also providing you with adequate light at night. Enjoy a good book or simply sit outside and enjoy a relaxing night with understated wall lighting.

  1. Underwater Dock Lighting 

Underwater dock lighting creates a shimmering light display right in your own backyard if you live on a canal. But that’s only the beginning. Your dock at nighttime could provide a live aquatic entertainment zone that is fun and even educational for your whole family. If you’re a fisherman, get your gear ready because your lights are sure to attract some snook and other fish, allowing you to do your favorite hobby safely at home. Coastal Outdoor Lighting only installs top quality, UL Approved, environmentally friendly underwater dock lighting. 

  1. Lanai Lighting

Enjoy your lanai after a long day of remote meetings! Lights on your lanai or deck not only make it a more comfortable space, but they also add a bit of safety and security. Today’s technology allows for a combination of a variety of design elements to be incorporated into deck lighting design, including:

  • Step Lighting
  • Railing Lighting
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Down Lighting
  • Up Lighting
  • Smart Digital Timers
  • Preset Zoning
  • Water Feature Lighting

Don’t barbecue in the dark! Lights will help you enjoy your deck, whether you are grilling, playing games with family members, or just kicking back after a long day.

  1. Pool Deck Lighting

There is nothing more fun than enjoying a hot night cooling off in the pool after being stuck inside most of the day. Pool deck lighting will provide safety for everyone in and out of the pool and keep the fun going well into the night.

  1. Remote Control Lighting

Remote control lighting gives you the ability to change your lights’ colors, brightness and zones using your phone. You may have too much fun sitting outside at night using your remote settings after being home all day! 

Any lights you add to your yard will be enjoyed long after quarantine is over! The experts at Coastal Outdoor Lighting want to help you create your perfect outdoor space using professional outdoor lighting techniques and design. Call us today and ask about the many different lighting options for your Southwest Florida yard!